Our Story

We, the group of founders of eightstock  have been in the creative industry for more than 20 years. One thing we have learned is, driven by technology, the creative industry is a promising field with great potential not only for income generation but also artistic expression as illustrated by the stock content industry.    

Driven by the urge to assist creators to produce better content, to earn well and also explore other ways they can benefit from the stock content industry, we founded the Collaboration System, which is a system that enables contributors to collaborate with each other to create content namely by lending their expertise to their fellow contributors’ projects in exchange for a percentage of the long-term profits from content sales on eightstock. Not only can contributors create content at no cost, they can create quality content with professional help from other creatives and collaborators. We designed the Collaboration System to take care of the “hard stuff” like dividing and distributing the profits among the collaborators and protecting the collaborators interests in the collaboration including copyright issues as well as the finer details that enable collaborators to form a fair, transparent and secure collaboration that they can all mutually benefit from.  

We also created a special Referral System that provides contributors the potential to earn an additional stream of long-term income. By referring a contributor to us, we will reward them an amount equivalent to a percentage of their referee’s sales earnings for the next few years.

At eightstock, we believe that contributors can become successful artists and entrepreneurs. With these systems, we wish to empower artists to embark on an entrepreneurship journey through their creative expression.


Our vision is to create a platform that will bring sustainable long-term income to creative artists while rekindling their passion to do meaningful and quality work. We seek to create a collaborative team culture for contributors by providing a fair and sustainable way for them to form infinite group collaborations by enabling the transparent distribution of their share of the earnings as mutually-agreed between the collaborators in each group. We hope to also spur and empower creative professionals to focus on what they do best and to develop their craft by helping them get the help they need to create content. We ultimately see that contributors will be able strengthen their existing network and potentially expand their career internationally.


To provide a platform to empower creative artists to become entrepreneurs by combining their passion, talent and dedication to earn long-term income through our Collaboration System. The goal is to enable artists to progress from, time-for-money, one-off payments to having their own businesses while enjoying what they do best by collaborating with professionals from different fields from all over the world.