Referral System

General Information

1. What is so special about the Referral System?
The Referral System offers eightstock contributors long-term income instead of just a one-time reward for each and every contributor referred to the platform.

2. How does it work?
It’s simple. Just refer a contributor by getting them to register or sign up for a Contributor/Collaborator account on eightstock and we will reward you an amount equivalent to 10% of your referee’s earnings from content sales for a number of years. Your referees can also refer contributors and earn. The more contributors you refer, the more you stand to earn. It’s as simple as that!

3. Does the 10% come from my referee’s earnings?
No, the 10% is rewarded by eightstock. eightstock will match the 10% of your referee’s sales earnings and reward it to you.

4. Can anyone be part of the Referral System?
Anyone with a Contributor/Collaborator account on eightstock can be part of the Referral System.

5. Do I need to qualify to be part of the Referral System?
No. You only need to qualify to achieve the Founder Referrer status. When you sign up to eightstock, you are automatically a Pioneer Referrer. In order to achieve the Founder Referrer status, you need to have a minimum total of 2,000 approved content (approved by eightstock) in your Contributor/Collaborator account within 180 days of signing up.

6. How do I join the Referral System?
You can sign up for a Contributor/Collaborator account through a link sent to you by a friend or directly on the eightstock website. You will automatically be enrolled in the Referral System when you sign up.

7. Do I need any capital to be part of the Referral System?
No, you don’t have to fork out any money to be part of the Referral System. There is no registration/joining fee or a certain amount of earnings from content sales that you need to achieve to join the Referral System.

8. Why is there a huge market and opportunity to earn through eightstock’s Referral System?
As eightstock welcomes a variety of creatives as contributors, you are not limited to referring photographers, videographers or illustrators. With a broader range of creatives for you to refer, there is a huge market available for potential referees like talents, influencer, stylist, designer, director and so on. So, it easier to acquire more referees and to earn more than you would elsewhere.

9. Why is the Referral System offered for only a limited-time?
We designed the Referral System as a way to thank contributors who join eightstock early or were among the firsts to join. It will eventually be discontinued. Those who are already part of the Referral System when it is discontinued will continue to receive their referral earnings based on their existing referees until the earning duration expires. eightstock will not be accepting new referrals after the Referral System is discontinued.

The Mechanics

1. How do I refer a contributor?
It’s simple.  Just send them the Contributor Referral Link, which you can find in your Contributor/Collaborator account in the Link tab. Then get them to register as a contributor through that unique link and you’re done! Just remember, it is important that you get the potential contributor to sign up using your unique link so they will be registered as your referee. If they sign up directly on the website or using any other promotional links, they will not be your referee. We can’t undo this.

2. Can I remove a contributor as a referee to replace with someone else?
No, you can’t. Once you refer a contributor, he/she will be your referee until the earning duration expires.

3. Does the referee have to be from one’s own country?
No. eightstock accepts contributors globally and so you can have referees from all over the world.

4. Do I need to fill up my contributor referral quota?
No, there is no pressure to refer the maximum number of referees allowed. You will just miss out on the potential to earn more.

5. Is there any agreement involved?
There is no agreement but there are terms and conditions involved. You can read them here.

6. What rights does my referrer have over me as a referee?
Your referrer has no rights over you, your work or your content sales. eightstock simply matches 10 % of your sales earnings and rewards them for referring you to us. That’s all.

7. What happens if one of my referees deletes their eightstock account while still in the Referral System?
The Referral System is not binding so anyone can leave if they choose to. You as the Referrer will simply be down a Referee and can refer another contributor to replace them.

8. What if my referrer deletes their account on eightstock, will I still be in the Referral System?
Yes, you will still be part of the Referral System.


1. How can eightstock’s Referral System potentially earn me 150 times or more compared to other stock content platforms? 
What some agencies may reward you when you refer a contributor is just a few cents whenever your referee’s content is downloaded. At eightstock, contributors can earn up to 150 times or more than that (that’s a few dollars!) when their referee’s content is purchased because you earn a percentage instead of a few cents per download. 

2. Does the 10% that eightstock matches and rewards my referrer include my referral earnings?
No, your referrer is only rewarded the amount equivalent to 10% of your earnings from content sales.

3. Is the earning duration based on how long I’ve been in the Referral System or from the time I refer each contributor?
The earning euration starts from the time you refer the respective contributor.

4. How do I receive my referral earnings?
The Referral System takes care of everything for you. It matches and rewards you 10% of your referee’s content sales earnings to your Contributor/Collaborator account every month. Once you achieve USD5,000 in sales earning (one time), your referral earnings will start being transferred to your PayPal account, depending on your payment threshold.

5. How do I keep track of my referral earnings?
Just go to the Referral page where the system lets you track your earnings and remaining earning duration for each referee, among other things.

6. Does the person who referred me also receive 10% of my referee’s content sales earnings?
No, your referrer will only be rewarded for the contributors that he or she refers. Similarly, you will only be rewarded for the contributors that you refer.

7. What are the violations that I need to be aware of?
As stated in the Terms & Conditions:

a. You are not allowed to remove any content from your account and re-upload it on to another account once you’ve achieved content sales amounting USD5,000

b. Referrers can’t have the same content in two or more accounts

If any of these terms are violated, you will be removed from the Referral System and all your referral earnings that have not been paid out will be forfeited immediately.