Referral System

Refer + Earn

What is the Referral System?

It is a rewards programme designed to offer contributors the opportunity to earn additional long-term income, on top of their earnings from content sales, by referring contributors to eightstock. For every referral, eightstock will reward the referrer an amount equivalent to 10% of their referee’s sales earnings every time the referee’s content is leased to customers.  

What is the Referral System?

Incomparable Referral Earnings
Contributors can earn up to 150 times or more in referral earnings when their referee’s content is purchased from earning a percentage instead of per download.

Incomparable Referral Earnings

One-Time Referral, Long-Term Income
Simply refer a Contributor/Collaborator to eightstock and we will reward you not just one time but for years.

More You Refer, More You Earn
With up to 100 referees allowed per contributor, if you refer 100 contributors, your long-term income multiplies by a 100!

How does the Referral System work?

Once you’ve registered as a contributor, follow these simple steps:

1. Know a potential contributor?

2. Send them the Contributor Referral Link which you can find on your Contributor/Collaborator account under the ‘Link’ tab.

3. Make sure they sign up through this unique link so they will be registered as your referee. If the potential contributor signs up with any other link or signs up directly on the website, they will not be your referee.

4. Once they have signed up, they will recorded as your referee and we will reward you an amount equivalent to 10% of your referees’ sales earnings for the next few years, which you can keep track of on your personal Referral page on your Contributor/Collaborator account.

Limited-Time Offer

The Referral System is a limited time offer only that was specially created to reward those who sign up early on eightstock. Start to refer and earn substantial long-term income by becoming a eightstock Contributor!